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and so here i am, another year older. not necessarily wiser, but definitely happier. not that i wasnt happy last year, or the year before. ok maybe i was indeed quite emo nemo four, five years ago (i did go through a rather rough patch for a bit). but generally, i feel blessed in my life, and loved, and very, very happy. and every year will only get better, i’m sure.

anyway, enough of all that mushy stuff. shall we do our weekly round-up now? this time is more special because yap, it was my birthday!

so…my last flight before the long break was to delhi, which was as draining as you can imagine. but i managed to pull through with the best source of motivation waiting for me back at home.

 photo DSCF2255_zps2jrbgezv.jpg

since the folks went back to hong kong to “yum cha with my grandfather”, as my father always puts it, dog duties fell onto the shoulders of my brothers and i again, which explains why i was at east coast park 7am in the morning, right after an overnight five-hour, full-load flight from india.

i assume nemo’s cute doggy eyes are distracting enough that you will ignore my cui face.

 photo DSCF2254_zpse4fav0x6.jpg

here, another one to make sure you forget the previous photo that you see.

so you think i must be crazy to be awake for more than 24 hours, but wait till you hear what happened next. when i reached home, i had to do the laundry, wash up (my post-flight cleansing ritual usually takes an hour, which includes all the most bimbotic things you can think of, from exfoliating my face to bua-ing moisturiser on the soles of my feet), and feed nemo; all such things are so trivial i feel ashamed for even writing them and i dont know why you are still reading.

in any case, i barely managed to catch some z’s, before it was time for the highlight of my day.

 photo valerie and i 2_zpsxzxjymxy.jpg

sweet valerie got me my first birthday treat.

pity i chose the wrong place – cafe melba. i dont usually complain about restaurants and such on my blog, but i was truly disappointed this time round, because cafe melba was one of my top choices of restaurant in my initial plan of throwing a solemnisation party.

luckily dave and i had to do an one-off wedding banquet in the end, rather than a two-day affair separating the solemnisation reception and wedding dinner, so i did away with this location.

the ambience at cafe melba was what attracted me at first – relaxing, unpretentious, set in an arts centre no less; i thought it was my ideal kind of place, compared to those cutesy little cafes that i feel so blasé about nowadays.

back then, dave and i didnt get to the food-tasting stage yet, which is just as well. i mean, valerie and i were totally not impressed by the food there. i had a lasagna, which was just like mashed up dough and minced meat. i’m no food expert but the kind of lasagna i am familiar with comes in several layers of lasagna sheets sandwiching the meat and sauce right? not the one at cafe melba, nope. theirs was just pasta mixed with meat, meh. valerie had the ravioli, which i thought of ordering at first too. it was not bad, but then other people’s food that you have ONE bite of always tastes better, doesnt it?!

anyway, food was mediocre. the place was so warm and uncomfortable (saving on air-conditioning, maybe? since it was a weekday afternoon and there were only a few customers), and you know what was the worst thing? the waiting staff. i have never seen such indifferent waitresses before leh. they looked so bored and unhappy i almost felt bad for them lor, like they were all dead inside and had nothing to look forward to in life or something. there was hardly any service, and almost no interaction between the waiting crew and us. i think i talk more to the auntie at the counter when i go to macdonald lor. but that also means we didnt experience the full spectrum of their bad service, which is erm…lucky for us?

the only time i got a “taster” of it was when we asked one of the waitresses to take a photo for us. as expected, she was a silent photographer, which is the worst kind lor. no countdown, no facial expression, just a silent click of the camera, which you will miss if you are not paying attention, thus risk looking like a cuckoo bird in the photo, but god forbids that you ask for a retake. not like this waitress cared, she already fled the scene, but not before i caught annoyance flicker past her face.

apparently, we are not alone in suffering from cafe melba’s substandard service. if you check out their online reviews, you will note that that’s their main downfall.

ok…end of my ranting. i cannot believe that i spent the last 20 minutes bitching about restaurant service. i guess i just feel heng that i didnt book them for my solemnisation reception.

and to make up for that chunky piece of writing that you just braved through, i shall reward you with some eye-candies.

 photo valerie and i_zpsau4xgnco.jpg
 photo DSCF2258_zps6mvw41mt.jpg
 photo DSCF2259_zpsls8lhixl.jpg

 photo IMG-20160630-WA0002_zpsropkn8xo.jpg

feel better now? yes i feel better now too. hahaha!

so for the rest of the week, i was practically on holiday because i took leave for our pre-wedding photoshoot.

 photo 20160702_135833_001_zpsw2xkwveh.jpg

so yap, that’s the only photo i am going to post of the shoot. i know, like wth right, hahaha!

no spoiler, especially when i havent even see the photos myself, HAHA!

 photo DSCF2261_zpsup9z4uxt.jpg

on the other hand, we also met up with our wedding musicians for dinner and a preliminary discussion (yes, they are valerie and ding neng, our own friends; havent i told you i have insanely talented friends?), so that ticked off another big-ticket item on our never-ending wedding to-do list.

oh and i should mention that that was a fateful night because it was when i got to know mrs pho, thanks to valerie (so, so talented, that girl).

who’s mrs pho, you ask?

 photo mrs pho_zps94gafpkk.jpg

like, only the best vietnamese cook i know in singapore?!?!

which is why i immediately introduced her to another two of my good friends a few days later.

 photo batchgirls_zpsvclzztq1.jpg

they gave me my second birthday treat, and it was a surprise, so love right?!

so then the folks returned from hong kong and all of us squeezed time out for a reunion, which yet again ended up with…

 photo birthday with family_zpshyoqaymn.jpg

a birthday cake, of course, thanks to dear lawrance and lemin.

but you know who was the happiest?

 photo IMG-20160704-WA0002_zpscany21xl.jpg

nemo lor, who else?!

so that was the third birthday celebration, though i think it happened before the dinner with chrissy and qing ying, but you care about such details meh? hahaha!

 photo DSCF2347_zpskbeknvom.jpg

my birthday aside, my friends and i also met up on hari raya because we are racially harmonious like that, hehe. i so wanna talk about the penny board that i’m holding in the photo but that’s a story for another day.

i cannot remember if the next few gatherings happened on the same day, since i was wearing the same t-shirt. but then i have the bad habit of always spamming my new clothes for a few days straight when i first get them, even if it means i have to hand-wash them myself, and speed-dry them overnight in an air-conditioned room, which means they probably smell damp and gross (which i hope my trusty bvlgari perfume can mask, or else you, as my friend, should totally tell me hor).

 photo bffs_zpsgrhef4h0.jpg

so i had yet another birthday treat, this time from my bffs, but the real treat was no doubt, their company.

 photo IMG-20160710-WA0001_zpsussjh9fo.jpg

long-overdue gathering with my intellectual girlfriends, though our topic of the day was so not intellectual (hiak hiak).

this was followed by a full-month party thrown by dave’s cousin for his twin sons. twins are THE BEST lor – a mother’s national duty all done in one shot SO CUTE!

 photo IMG-20160710-WA0004_zps3jxs4cmx.jpg

i have never seen dave and myself looking more awkward penguin than this, hahaha! those smiles could hardly disguise the fear in us holding those tiny balls of soft, squishy baby flesh. mine was kicking and moving all over the place some more, aiyo, i think nemo is easier to hold lor.

 photo DSCF2362_zpspuifspwr.jpg

and sweetie pie raquel too, who grew up way too fast. it has only been five months since we celebrated her full-month.

if you remember how i held her the previous time (if you dont, click on the link above lah!), you will see the difference in a “boneless” one-month-old infant and a “structured” six-month-old baby. see how much more confident i was holding raquel on this occasion, probably because i felt her head was screwed more tightly on her neck this time round, and wont like roll off the floor if i carried her in the wrong way.

 photo DSCF2364_zpsfk1kruws.jpg

she was totally NOT pleading you for help with her teary eyes. she so loved being in my arms that she left her boogie and drool all over my shoulder and arm. if that’s not a sign of her attachment to me, i dont know what else is.

okay so here is my 1500-word update which i hope can fill up the void expected on this blog for the next two weeks, though i will try my very best to come back with another eventful update, which is dave’s birthday celebration for me, ok?!


 photo sud_zpsx5wratpu.jpg

nemo in the house yo!!!

i was very blessed to be able to get a few off days for this CNY, which means 1. the car was all mine (because my parents went back to hong kong), 2. nemo was all mine, and 3. the parks and streets would be so empty that it would be like all mine, because everyone was in everyone else’s house for visiting. hiak hiak hiak.

so anyway, i decided to take nemo for an excursion at the dog park, because it had been some time since we (or to be more specific, i myself) last went to that place.

thanks to my brother, lawrance’s clear directions before i set off, and nemo’s increasing excitement as the most accurate indicator, i managed to find the location despite only having a vague impression of where it was.

 photo clueless nemo_zpswvnirehk.jpg

nemo was totally like fireworks when we first arrived, shooting for every tree and bush and squirrel and who-knows-what-else that he saw, but without a toy to fetch, he was more like a headless chicken – totally all over the place. and soon, his energy started to peter out, mainly because there wasnt much to do in the rather empty park.

 photo DSCF0895_zpsczhqfwbg.jpg

the only time he was “reanimated” was when he saw other toys being thrown for OTHER dogs to fetch, zzz.

i guess that explains why the only other three to four dogs at the park soon left, and we were the only ones remaining.

 photo DSCF0899_zps3xz5brzs.jpg

i relented and finally allowed nemo to reunite with his “lover”, which if you notice, was actually another toy this time round, because the ball (nicknamed “moonface”) featured in the previous story was so hard to get back once it was in nemo’s mouth.

 photo DSCF0900_zpsucb7b4az.jpg

but it seemed like he hadnt notice it at all. so all good, hiak hiak!

the next day was still holiday for both my darling dave and i, so he specially woke up early so that he could accompany nemo and i to sentosa.

 photo comic 1_zpsjysix1g3.jpg

which explains why he was half asleep when we arrived, he being dave, not nemo. nemo is 24/7 ready for the beach, of course.

 photo comic 2_zpsotkcu7xj.jpg

speaking of which, nemo came to say hi.

 photo comic 3_zpskrqfzrvq.jpg

and that obviously cheered dave up. time for a photo!

 photo comic 5_zpsso5py1kp.jpg

nemo regretted coming into frame.

 photo comic 6_zpszpum1zbx.jpg

yap he is still very camera-shy.

 photo comic 7_zps4dvlb2aa.jpg

ahh well…never mind then.

we came to sentosa mainly because nemo was due his weekly swim. but for some reason, he just refused to go into the water.

and this is the part where his good friend needed to step in.

 photo DSCF0921_zps5ltvmrrz.jpg

like you know, literally stepped into the water.

and i stepped in too, but i didnt take a photo to show that because i’m modest like that. hahaha!

 photo DSCF0922_zpsgktxbhmw.jpg

this method worked! not wanting to be left out of the party, nemo soon came to join us.

 photo doggie style_zpsvdvtbuuv.jpg

but the swim lasted a grand total of maybe five minutes; look at that grumpy face.

好啦好啦, time for the final wefie!!!

 photo picnic 1_zpsmuhayj3o.jpg

unfortunately, there seemed to be some kind of miscommunciation, as you can see from above.

 photo picnic 3_zpsql0dntvh.jpg

 photo picnic 4_zpssn5aolsf.jpg

i think somebody forgot to teach nemo proper photo-taking etiquette, like, you know…NOT leaving the frame when the timer is counting down.

ah well…never the mind, all of us had a great time still, i’m sure. after all…

 photo man and friend_zpseaffckkt.jpg

nothing compares to watching the sunrise with your best friend, and spending a beautiful morning together. ♥

my father and nemo make the cutest, funniest pair of buddies you can imagine.

my father always puts nemo first when making his plans. for example, he changed his sedan a few years ago to a seven-seater with extra luggage space at the back so that nemo could feel more comfortable when he rides in the car.

whenever we are planning a family meal at a restaurant, one of our first considerations is whether the place accepts pets, which is why we always ended up at the tze char stall near our house, where nemo could sit as near us as NEA would allow, and even be included in all our photos.

 photo dinner at coffeeshop_zpshkbpjrk6.jpg

kudos to the staff there who always cooperated when my father requested to include nemo in our photo.

after having nemo in our family, my parents (mainly my father) are always reluctant to go on long trips because nemo doesnt like to stay in a pet hotel. when they finally make the trip, my father hardly shops for anything other than nemo’s dry feed, or snacks, or toys, or strange things like this.

 photo IMG-20150928-WA0006_zpsfr8imcfu.jpg

a dog poncho for walks on rainy days.


daddy said he only put it on once, and since nemo didnt seem very interested in it, the poncho has since been thrown aside.

whenever my parents facetime us from abroad, the first my father asks about, or looks for, is nemo. sometimes when only a phone call is possible, he will even make me place the phone at nemo’s ear, and i will hear him cheerfully shouting nemo’s name through the phone, and asking if he has been a good boy. and then i will play along by telling him how nemo is looking especially alert and curious, like he has recognised his voice.

more recently, when my parents came to look at the show flat of our new house, the first thing my father did was to look for appropriate space to set up nemo’s house for future visits that he envisioned nemo making.

then last september when nemo had his birthday, my father sent us this photo.

 photo IMG-20150926-WA0002_zpscuas5bdw.jpg

we used to give nemo a birthday cake on such a happy occasion, but now that he is old and his digestive system, even more sensitive than last time, my father could only give him this little snack. i think that is probably one of the reasons nemo looks so grumpy.

that, and the feeling of being cheated into doing this…

 photo IMG-20150926-WA0003_zpsveszi9jj.jpg

what the hell was going on?!?!

hahaha…and then just a few days ago, we went to the future of us exhibition at gardens by the bay, and had a chance to play with the new technology there.

there was this equipment where we could write things on a personal-size touchscreen and project it onto the dome-shaped ceiling. visitors were predictably writing i-was-here messages, well wishes for the country, drawing heart shapes etc, when creative D came up with this.

 photo DSCF0699_zpsvjy2ieg1.jpg

which really looked like the bat signal when being projected onto the ceiling. i thought it was quite clever.

oh the other hand, having figured out how the thing worked, my father came and joined in, starting off with the word “happy”, and by the time he wrote the next letters n and e, D and i concluded he would probably go for an expected “happy new year” message, like what most uncles would do in this case. but you know what he wrote instead?

 photo DSCF0700_zpsvdv5fjwb.jpg


jokester eh, my father.

on a more serious note, nemo is getting old way too fast, sad face. while his health is generally good, according to the vet on his regular checkups, problems like skin allergies and stomach sensitivity are getting increasingly obvious, which is very worrying.

i really hope this pair of jolly partners-in-crime have many more years to keep each other company.



travel far and often enough, and you know what home truly is.

you may fall in love with the beauty of strange places, the kindness of new people, and the thrill of fun experiences everywhere else in the world, but you know home is where your heart is set in stone. this is where you will find something you cant find anywhere else…

 photo DSCF9469_zps5ex6nvgk.jpg


 photo friends 2_zpsvyqgzssr.jpg

 photo friends_zps9w9ld1yr.jpg

 photo DSCF9545_zpscskrpnnq.jpg

friends you’ve known for practically your whole life.

 photo IMG-20150801-WA0006_zpsapcxpb5a.jpg

all your loved ones, basically.

 photo food_zpslfptoo68.jpg

be it huddling around a warm, nice meal…

 photo lky musical_zpsksejlkwq.jpg

watching a musical together…

 photo nemo_zpslfdbdyed.jpg

 photo DSCF9540_zpsaf4uryvg.jpg

or simply running wild in the fields.

doing it here at home feels different from doing it anywhere else in the world.

after all, home is where you build your dreams…

 photo fav exhibit 6_zpsxpkmsbzg.jpg

where you build your life…

 photo wedding 4_zpsnude1iot.jpg

 photo wedding 3_zpsg4fqckkx.jpg

with love and support all around you.

 photo wedding 2_zpskbbcsrpf.jpg

 photo wedding 1_zpsssfnbetc.jpg

 photo DSCF9535_zpsk7d44g5x.jpg

eventually, home is also where you build your family.

 photo DSCF9594_zpsbggugsrd.jpg

life may be hard, or short, or mundane, or unpredictable, or all of it at the same time. but living life knowing that i belong to somewhere, that this place stays within me wherever i go, a place i feel safe, and loved, makes up for it all.

so this national day, i rushed home from london to be with my fellow singaporeans.

 photo DSCF9651_zps9on0wek6.jpg

and while i couldnt celebrate with my parents who had to go to the states to visit my brother, who is in his last leg of training in RSAF…

i’m proud of them for wearing their national colours even on their flight out. i’m even prouder of my brother for completing his two-year stint, and for serving our country, even if it means he has to be away from us all.

and then i spent the night celebrating our country’s golden jubilee with my friends.

 photo ndp party 2_zpsnbwgklgd.jpg

 photo ndp party 1_zpsahdg20co.jpg

 photo ndp party 3_zpsorsyu91l.jpg

 photo cooking_zpsrvb2lfcy.jpg

 photo cooking 2_zpsnj9phbb9.jpg

 photo ndp party 4_zpsme6czuwn.jpg

 photo IMG-20150809-WA0006_zpsi3misxvf.jpg

 photo wine and dessert time 2_zps7p5k6qdq.jpg

 photo wine and dessert time_zpsnib27icq.jpg

and i would say that’s the best national day i’ve ever had.

while many of my friends find sg50 lame or propaganda or whatever, it matters a lot to me because i think all things considered, there are many things about singapore worth celebrating. national day is nothing to do with politics, it’s about the nation and its people. it’s a celebration of how we have come so far in the last 50 years, from mere survival to the current prosperity and security that we enjoy. it’s about the shared memories, the culture, the people, the food and the lahs, lehs, lors – everything that you find yourself missing after spending enough time away from here.

we arent old enough to celebrate the nation’s first birthday, and who knows, we may no longer be around when it celebrates its 100th. so since we are so lucky to be here for its 50th, i think we should treasure this opportunity to show our appreciation and love for our country, and all those who have contributed to its success today.

may we continue to progress and prosper. and may we become like what this eight-year-old artist has envisioned us to be after another 50 years.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-29-09_zpsdg3vk5pp.png

majulah singapura.

seoul many things to love about seoul!


myeongdong, of course.


korean food, which i can never get sick of.


random cafes in the middle of the day.


LINE, or should i say connie and brown bear, my favourite couple of all time, hahaha! imagine a whole shop FULL of LINE products – HEAVEN!

running man maybe

and though i dont watch korean shows and so have no idea who these people are, but i’m sure many people would be excited by things like that.

and finally…


TOO CUTE!!! BUT of course not as cute as my best friend at home lah.


like a boss, man!


just like every other year, camera-shy nemo won the title of NG king 2015, hands down.

despite having delayed our schedule by at least 15 minutes with his endless NG-ing…


nemo obviously felt not even a tinge of embarrassment, 气死我了.

i tell you lah, this nemo ah…buay paiseh one lah.

new year with nemo

except for this awkward moment where he was caught checking out his new friend a tad too long; look at that sheepish grin.


but his new friend, gucci, is really quite chio, i think.

having said that, nemo was still his usual playful self, and so his interest in his new friend didnt last for more than the initial ten minutes or so.

must be the new year goodies distracting him lor, haha.


marathon again.

though my father was the one running in the race…


it is no doubt that nemo was the real superstar here.


be it with little fans…


or SLIGHTLY older ones.


no wonder nemo would always get so tired after each of these meet-the-fans sessions, HAHAHA!


so full of love.

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