forever 21

Posted on: November 10, 2012

for a few lucky people, being 21 is for eternity.

but still, throwing your 21st birthday party is a big thing, almost like a training session for your future wedding.

and both are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

so being invited to amantha’s 21st birthday party means a lot to me.

we go way back, something i never stop marveling at – how such different people can click so well; how life has moved on so much, and we can still always come back to each other.

while the SOP for birthday celebrations was still adhered to closely…

the olympics theme and funny amantha-oriented games did spice things up a lot.

we had a lot of fun, amantha dear.

at the risk of repeating myself, thank you for being ever so sweet and supportive all the time. you are a really special girl – someone who never fails to inspire me, despite being so much younger than me (yes i will admit this, for once). and more than anything else, thank you for being my friend, xoxo.


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