let the feast begin!

Posted on: June 27, 2011

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it’s saturday night again, and you and your old pals want to spend some quality time together, preferably in a place where you can see and be seen, with good food, drinks and music for company.

too much to ask for?


want some ideas on how to make the best use of your precious weekend nights?

come this way!!!

i say, before you go gulping down those shots, make sure you have a filling dinner to protect your tummy.

and a good place to do that is…JUMBO SEAFOOD.

perhaps, you would think that it’s too much of a family restaurant and the dishes might be a little expensive.

but hey, everyone pays a little and there you have it, you get to share with your favourite people some of the freshest and most authentic singapore seafood dishes fit for a chinese new year reunion dinner.

just like us lucky bloggers who got invited to the waterfront feast by omy.sg.

we knew it was serious business when we were given bibs to put on before the dishes were served.

and here is the chef responsible for our satisfied stomachs after the meal.

very earnest, experienced and fatherly.

looks like our chilli crabs would be in good hands.

here come the stars.

love the way the succulent, juicy prawns were coated with chalky salted eggs to give a rather intricate balance of textures.

and i was very lucky to be given the claw part of the sri lankan king crabs in this signature dish.

it is in my opinion, the most fleshy and easy-to-eat part in a crab.

but i still had some difficulty tearing crab meat from the inside because i just painted my nails (and i didnt want to appear too unglam in front of my new friends).

despite of my clumsiness, i could still taste the freshness from the tender slivers of meat that i could retrieve each time.

and of course, man tous are a must-have when it comes to chilli crabs.
and i would say jumbo knows this very well.

each of the buns was deep fried to golden perfection, ready to be dipped into the chilli gravy.

taste the crispy skin on the outsides before letting the spiciness from the gravy burst in your mouth when you bite into the soft, soaked, warm insides of the bun.

yummilicious max.

one of the best things about eating with fellow bloggers is that you wont be the only one snapping non-stop when the food comes.

in fact, i felt so embarrassed being the first one to tuck in that i quickly flashed out my camera and started taking random shots of erm…table arrangements.


at the end of the session, the very thoughtful jumbo PR team gave us two packs of DIY crab paste to make our own version of the chilli crab at home.

i am now also a very proud owner of the jumbo membership card, which usually costs up to 20$ if you want to sign up.


the whole group of us then moved out into the sun to take more photos of the food.

or should i say…of ourselves…

beautiful river.

beautiful girl by the beautiful river.

beautiful girlsss by the beautiful river.

🙂 🙂 🙂

next stop: cafe iguana.



knowing that we were in for a treat, we quickly settled down to the hot, delicious food waiting for us.

the mexican rice (right) was a little cold when served, and tasted strongly of raw onions and tomato.

the hint of sweetness to the savory rice was appetising, but i’m not a huge fan of raw onions, so there you go.

beans (on the right too) were fine, not too mushy and definitely a healthier alternative as a beer snack.

however, if you would like a slightly heavier late-night supper dish to go with your drinks (if you can still stomach it after your lavish seafood dinner, that is), the red snapper enchiladas (bottom of the three pictures) are what you should look out for.

made with ancho-chilli coated fish wrapped around by tomatillo sauce and melted cheese, this is certainly a good introductory dish to mexican food for a newbie like me.

practically dripping with exotic flavour, i tell you. me like!!!

nachos (left), of course, need little description.

keep your tummy happy so that you wont throw up too soon from all the alcohol.

and alcohol is what you are going to drink and drink and drink at cafe iguana.

especially with its special margarita of the month, made from premium jose cuervo tradicional tequila, fresh lime and triple sec at 15$ a glass and 65$ a jar.

at the risk of being called a 酒鬼 again, i shall post this photo of me looking very jolly before my glass of margarita.

with little time to waste, we quickly moved on to next door, harry’s bar.

one look at this and you know what harry’s is best for.

excellent for hanging loose, of course!

just like what we were doing.

though we had only known one another for a few hours, we were like bffs enjoying a lovely girls’ night out, camwhoring, laughing, drinking and having the time of our lives.

so imagine you with your good friends here on a crowded saturday night, surrounded by cool people and great music.

WHAT A BLAST it would be!

being offered a generous amount of fish and chips.

and this is actually only HALF of the normal portion, can you imagine?

ordered my favourite LIT (or long island tea, for the LESS COOL people, hahahaha!) to go with my fries (too full to even attempt the fish).

but i think harry’s is probably better known for their beer, especially their own beer label, the harry’s permium lager.

chummy chummy.

before we knew it, time to move on again, this time to our last destination, brewerkz.

ooh it’s like bar-hopping, but without the damage to our pretty purses, wheeeeeeeeee!

paying attention to the friendly PR lady’s introduction of the restaurant’s newest kolsch, scholar red and steam beer.

after which, we could dig into these delicious buffalo wings, which ranged from being mild, hot or SUICIDE.

but honestly, nothing to fret about. tried all of them and they were relatively manageable.

for some reason, more sour than spicy, come to think of it. hmm…

didnt manage to take photos of the beers but i can assure you that what brewerkz has to offer would certainly change your impression of beers.

even after being filled to the back of my throat with food, i didnt feel nauseous or too uncomfortably full drinking these, though beers are supposedly more gassy.

i guess that’s because they were generally quite light, fruity and i would even say, refreshing, especially on a hot day like that.

i actually had a few refills though i am not really a beer lover.

so yap, i had to rush so i didnt get to stay back with the girls for a longer chatting session but i’m so glad i was given the opportunity to come for this blogger event.

it has certainly added a lot more options to my to-go list for boring weekend evenings, yayness.

and just to reassure you that i was still sober after the many drinks, here is a photo of me standing upright.

in one of my typical camwhore moments in a random lift.

cannot remember which one.

and here is me with bright, cheery paul frank at ion.

looking fly, no?

hahaha…there will be some voting thing for the best blog entry done for the event so would need YOU to help me win ok!!!

and at the same time, you can also get to win 50$ dining voucher by being so sweeeeeeet and helpful.

more updates about that when i figure out the details ya?!

🙂 🙂 🙂


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