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“and i see colors in a different way
you make what doesn’t matter fade to grey
life is good and that’s the way it should be”

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chinese new year, one of my favouritest festivals, yes that’s more favourite than favourite, can? hahaha!

cny is all about family, childhood memories, sinfully delicious snacks, steamboats, long PH, opportunity to catch up with loved ones, nostalgia, ang baos…

and for us, our yearly attempts to get nemo into our family photos.

 photo cny 1.jpg

see? every time without fail, nemo makes us work for that ONE photo.

 photo DSCF3829.jpg

well…eventually, we get there.

 photo taking-photos-with-nemo.gif

after 10 attempts, that is.

 photo family friends.jpg

the people we meet up with each year are always the same.

 photo DSCF3830.jpg

but that doesnt make us any less happy.

 photo DSCF3832.jpg

while snowy here may take some time to warm up to new friends…

 photo DSCF3833.jpg

…i’m sure she will soon come round to it, seeing how good dave is with other dogs…erm…actually just one other dog, i.e. nemo (and nemo loves all humans), hahaha!

though family is always my priority during cny, i wont say no to a good late-night gathering if it includes my best friends, especially those who always readily agree to my spontaneous request of posing for photos in the middle of nowhere…

 photo greens 2.jpg

 photo ferns.jpg

 photo greens 3.jpg

and if it includes good food, like that time when we had home-prepared steamboat dinner with dave’s friends from university.

 photo DSCF3927.jpg

so delicious that it was almost restaurant standard.

at the end of the day, however, i guess cny is really about togetherness of a community weaved by kinship and friendship. dave and i are doing what pastor darren has shared with our guests at our solemnisation – we are enriching our marriage with our community, the people whom we love and who love us. this sense of togetherness is what really matters.

incidentally, i was confessing to dave a few days ago that i felt very sad for cny seems to have become increasingly joyless in recent years, with much shorter, quieter and smaller gatherings, due to the passing of elders, or formation and drifting away of new families, or the fallout between some other relatives.

granted my family doesnt usually have a very eventful cny schedule, with back-to-back visiting and other fun-sounding family activities lined up for all 15 days of the festival, each gathering still means a lot to me because they bring back so much fond memories of my growing up years.

dave tried to console me by saying that this is the natural progression of life, and how we are all grown up now, with our own families and friends, so soon, we will find ourselves gradually moving into a new cny routine, with new homes to visit, new traditions to get used to, and new activities to look forward to. he feels i should not dwell in the past too much, for the future will be just as good, if not better, bla bla bla.

yes i know it’s all very exciting and everything, but i still cant help but feel despondent somehow. maybe it’s just me feeling too emotionally attached to old habits; maybe it’s the reluctance to really grow up and move on (argh, i know, it’s about time, like really!). or maybe it’s the other way round, i’m actually growing up too fast – you know how old people are so damn sentimental, always reminiscing their “good old days”, maybe i’m like them now.

i dont know, maybe it’s easier to just enjoy the good food and company during the celebrations, then dive into the new year, be absorbed into all the great, amazing things that i’m sure i will be doing in the next 10 months, and then repeat this for the next few decades, and there you have it, before you know it, that has become your comfortable routine.

so yap, the coming year will be awesome! ignore anyone who dares tell you that your zodiac will suck balls in 2017 (like what they say about the rabbit). remember this: everyone born of God overcometh the world.

happy new year, people (for like, the nth time; i really need to work on my closing statement).

open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.

– all the light we cannot see, by anthony doerr

 photo back to hkg.jpg

 photo back to hkg 2.jpg

hong kong.

after davey boy and i went there for a holiday last july (was it july? to be honest, it was so long ago i couldnt be sure anymore, oops!), i thought i would never be able to revisit the city in the near future.

you see…hong kong layover flights are almost impossible to get; we usually just do a turnaround, where the crew doesnt even need to leave the aircraft, staying onboard while in hong kong for an hour or so, before returning to singapore with a new set of passengers when everything (inflight meals, cabin cleanliness etc) is ready. in other words, low chance of me going there because of work. on the other hand, since dave and i have so little time for holiday nowadays, i guess we will be giving hong kong a rest, and visiting new places the next time we travel together, dont you think?

but God has better plans for me, really.

first of all, i was called up for SQ2 during a standby in november (a singapore-san francisco flight, with a hong kong stopover), one of the most desired flights among cabin crew members. you know how rare such an attractive call-up is? it’s like striking toto lor.

and then roster for january came out, and i was scheduled for a hong kong layover. and not just any layover, but a three-day-two-night one – a pattern which was almost unheard of previously (at best, we usually only have one night in the city on a direct singapore-hong kong flight).

i mean, what are the odds right? but you know what’s even more incredible?

on both occasions, coincidentally, my parents AND best friends happened to be visiting hong kong too, so we could meet up!!! yes…just how awesome is that?!?!?!

 photo DSCF3072.jpg

for my bffs and i, we only had a short afternoon overlapping, but it was enough time for a quick brunch, followed by some aimless walking about, and a even quicker catching-up over coffee – all simple things made more interesting when set in new surroundings, hiak hiak.

so the clique returned to singapore, while i went on to do the hong kong-san francisco leg, before returning to meet my dad, who happened to be in hong kong for two days. pure coincidence, i swear.

so we brought my grandfather gai gai.

 photo rides.jpg

 photo DSCF3077.jpg

he likes to go on bus rides, while the ferry ride was an unplanned, but fun addition to the itinerary.

 photo yeye.jpg

acting tourists is the best way to explore the city, me think, hahaha.

during my next layover in hong kong, both my parents, once again, happened to have made plans to be in town over the exact same weekend.

too lucky, really.

so this time round, my dad and grandfather went on another exploration, while my mom and i went shopping by ourselves (something that had almost never happened before, hahaha!).

regardless, on both occasions above, we had so much, so much good food together.

 photo IMG-20161120-WA0004.jpg

 photo tze char.jpg

 photo IMG-20170120-WA0002.jpg

in short, very meaningful and enjoyable trips which ended my 2016 and began my 2017 on the best note; all thanks to roster god, hahaha!

more entries from hong kong shall come soon, maybe from the trip i made with davey boy last july. hmm…does anyone have any clue when did we go there?! i really cannot remember lah, hahaha!

 photo dancing.gif

is this how a 32-year-old married man should behave?!

friday is everyone’s favourite day of the week, including mine, because when everyone else is in a good mood, they will be more willing to come out and play!!!

i woke up late afternoon, idly swung to dhoby ghaut for my favourite mos burger, before meeting fellow taitai taitai wannabe, gladys, who had just finished her facial appointment.

so we did some last-minute CNY shopping…

 photo DSCF3789.jpg

before sharing a basket of yakun steamed buns, our common favourite, for afternoon tea…

 photo DSCF3790.jpg

and then it was time for a session of manicure.

though i have had done manicure before, i was never a fan, until i started doing it with my bff. i guess since manicure is such a girly thing, it should be done with your girlfriends in order to be enjoyed ttm, you know what i mean?

unlike my previous experience at other manicure shops, i’ve enjoyed my last two visits to this salon mainly because time seemed to pass a lot faster (thanks to gladys for her company), and more importantly, the beauticians are very skillful, producing very well-done, and long-lasting result, which is quite a feat by itself as my job is so manual, and my nails are always in such horrendous condition after each flight.

having said so much, however, i shall not reveal the salon address here, to avoid overbooking the next time i go, hahaha! if you are interested to get the contact, you can ask me personally ok? (and i will get it from gladys, who booked the last few appointments for me, hehe!)

after manicure, it was time to bid gladys farewell, and move on to the next party with my batch girls!!!

 photo DSCF3796.jpg

yes we specially requested for just half a plate of rice, as we were trying to be NOT greedy, though it was a buffet, hahaha!

 photo DSCF3797.jpg

after all, pretty girls have to act yi ge demure, you see.

 photo DSCF3799.jpg

good thing we had an uncle to help us sweep off most of the rice (and other dishes), hiak hiak.

finally, friday night ended off with some late-night shopping with said uncle.

 photo shopping.jpg

though i think we spent more time hoarding mirrors in the shops, admiring each other, hahaha!

okay that’s all about how i spent my last friday in singapore.

now now, let’s admire my new nail colours together, shall we? i am specially highlighting this particular manicure because i am very pleased with myself, having made my choice so spontaneously, and yet so successfully. though i was not very confident initially, it turned out to be really nice, and “ME”, which is very important because the one i had for my wedding was also sweet, but not very “ME”, so i didnt feel very excited about it! (argh, what a bimbotic blog post this has become!)

 photo DSCF3795.jpg

wait a minute, that’s not the usual way to show off nail art right? (i know mine is not nail art, but still…)

 photo nail art.jpg

according to the internet, the best way to display your newly painted nails is to wrap your fingers around the bottle of nail polish.

but i dont have such good lighting or luxurious-looking bottles of paint nail polish leh, how ah?

sesame street toys can anot?

 photo coloured.jpg

the colours quite pop what.

 photo DSCF3817.jpg

or a hello kitty purse.

 photo DSCF3811.jpg

or nemo’s paw maybe?

 photo over the shoulders.jpg

perhaps it will look better over somebody’s shoulder?

 photo DSCF3818.jpg

or butt?

 photo DSCF3821.jpg

going for the cool look.

 photo DSCF3824.jpg

or the intellectual one also can.

you get my point lah, hor? i have nice nails now.

hahaha…so that sums up a well-spent friday with my loved ones, hope you had a good one too!

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